• Say goodbye to unwanted wake-up calls.

Breathe a sigh of relief

Tap for Teacher is the free app that makes managing your casual relief work easy. It uses push notifications to connect you with schools at the click of a button.

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Say goodbye to unwanted wake-up calls

With built-in calendar management it’s simple to update your availability so you only receive work invitations when you want them. No more bleary eyes and no more, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

See your calendar at a glance

Mission Control neatly displays all your bookings in one view, so you’ll never have that, “Aren’t I supposed to be somewhere?” feeling again.

Get noticed

Sign up to Tap for Teacher BackUpTeam™ and receive invitations to connect with schools you haven’t yet met.

Get your foot in the door by becoming part of their relief database and you never know, there might be something more permanent around the corner.

Seamless connection to schools, wherever you are.

Manage your bookings on the go - download the Tap for Teacher app once you’ve registered.